Monday, April 19, 2010

April update...

Our April update for WEGO/coffee is up - check it out!

Thanks for keeping up with us :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our time thus far (Part II)

Let's finish getting up to date with pics:

Our first morning in Florida at the condo we're staying in -
recovering from the month-long voyage here
Charlotte started school March 1st and loves it!
This was her first day
Charlotte's class performing at the spring concert -
some of the kids are really moved by the Spirit! :)
You'd expect Charlotte to join in with the raised arms,
but I guess she's more reserved in her worshiping style
The entire P3 group (3 classes) singing songs in Spanish
The girls in Charlotte's class with Mrs. Slansky, her teacher
L-R: Jonathan, Denny (our videographer),
Skyler (our web/media designer),
Rich (our photographer)
These are the guys who went to Nicaragua in March
And we are the wives of those guys!
L-R: Elly (wife of Rich - growing to be a dear friend,
esp. since they have kids!), Lindsay (fiancee of Denny),
me, Allie (wife of Skyler, twin of Lindsay)