Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where we are now...

I still have so much catching up to do and it seems somewhat overwhelming, in the shadow of the upcoming move we must make by the 31st. Jonathan and I are sitting in the Seattle airport at the moment, awaiting the glorious non-stop flight to Orlando to which we were switched due to a possible delay. I say 'glorious' because it will be my first time on an airplane without kids since Charlotte was born. It is definitely time! Why Orlando? We are probably moving to Florida next month to start working with WEGO, a friend's ministry based in Cocoa Beach. There are too many details to write here, but we will both be involved in both local ministry (starting a church, counseling at the local womens' home, cooking meals for people in the community in need) as well as the foreign mission field (trips to Nicaragua, Vietnam, Amazon?). It is exciting. It is scary. There is no salary and the only 'benefits' will be those of a spiritual bent. Health insurance? Not even close to what we have in Canada. Mortgage for a home? Impossible w/o a paystub of a 'real' job. But we feel God breathing life into us as we process the possibilities for how He can use us in the network we have in Florida, and in most moments that helps assuage the fears. We need...prayer. For this week away. That we will be able to be still and listen and know when God is speaking and when our fears are speaking. That discernment will be in our hearts and sin will not block our ears. It's the biggest decision we've ever had to make, the most trusting we've ever had to do. We'll be needing so much from all of you. So we thank you for praying for our family as we set out. More to come...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! (although it's January)

Since it's now 2010 I figure I should wrap up 2009 :) We spent Thanksgiving in Medford, OR with my grandparents, mom, brother, and our friend 'Mr. Marc'. We had so much fun eating, napping, playing team Pictionary (really fun since my team won!) with lots of my grandparents' friends, and just being family.
Charlotte loved this motorcycle at Best Buy :)
TJ hitchin' a ride on Grandma's walker - Charlotte did this when she was tiny, too!
2 of my favorite guys! Grandpa & TJ
Mim and sweet Charlotte
Hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's
Jonathan got the drumstick!
My brother Paul (w/his scary L'Abri beard) and Grandma
Charlotte taking a turn at Pictionary - she drew a Christmas tree!
Marc and Grandma racing against the clock to draw the perfect cacti
4 generations of girls! I love this!