Wednesday, October 6, 2010

September work...

Here I go again, playing catch-up. Here are pix from September - the work day as well as other shots throughout the month of what's been developing on the farm :)

The babies! Tomatoes, tomatillos and eggplants shot up last month
Within 3 hours of posting our Local Harvest page, this angel, Marguerite, called and came over to meet us! She is a wealth of gardening knowledge, is super encouraging, and has the sweetest spirit of almost anyone I've ever known. (She also helps wash my dishes if my sink is overflowing - she has completely won me over!) Here she is 'starting' zucchini and cucumber seeds in early September.
Ah, yes, a scarecrow butt-grab (that's not me, but I won't tell you who it is). It's standing right next to our first corn area - this was right after Lindsay and Allie rowed out those beautiful rows - they then planted corn and pole bean seeds together. It's a great planting pair (beans give nitrogen, which the corn needs - corn gives height and support, which the beans need!)
Lindsay on her way to get more compost. Cucumbers lined up, ready to be transplanted!
Skyler thoughtfully planting the cucumbers along the fenceline.
My boys!
And my girl, gathering small sticks to 'cook' with :) Yes, she's wearing a princess dress.
Checkin' out the work going on beyond the gate. Like his camo boots? They're his new favorite accessory :)
Ethan, Juan, Christian, and Jonathan taking a break after putting up poles for our pole bean trellises. This was one of the hottest days of the year and these guys were dying!
A pumpkin sprout! (just wait until you see these on the next post - you will not believe your eyes - I think pumpkins are the fastest-growing plants in the world)
Cassie and Eva, sisters who were just here on vacation visiting family - they heard about our place through a mutual friend and decided to spend an afternoon working with us! Eva (left) works on a tomato/potato farm in Washington state, therefore, we put her to work transplanting the baby tomatoes into bigger pots and into the ground.
He looks zonked, but loves 'helping' with the potted plants
On big work days, I wear ankle socks under my knee-high boots. This is what my legs looked like after spending over 10 hours outside this day.