Saturday, February 20, 2010


...EVERYWHERE. From Vancouver to Idaho to Nebraska to Texas and soon to Florida, it feels like we've truly been everywhere these past 3 weeks. It's hard to believe that we drove away from Acadia Park on the UBC campus in Vancouver just 3 weeks ago. The place where we made our closest friends. The place we brought TJ (our little Canadian) home from the hospital. The place where we spent our first white Christmas. The place where we truly became 'us' - away from our parents and comforts of 'home'. The place we came to love for all of its diversity of people, activities, religions, classes, views, etc. This move is hard. Watching the Olympics every night is almost torture. Seeing the aerial footage of that beautiful city, realizing we don't live there anymore, makes us feel like outsiders, like we're missing out on something that could have been ours. But we chose this, this move. And it's okay. And we are enjoying each other and this relaxing time before we jump into our new life in Florida. We will be in Florida next Friday night, for good, staying at some friends' condo until we find our own home. The work we're setting out to do requires us to raise support for the meantime, and we'll be posting our support letter on here in the next few days. We're also starting a new blog devoted solely to our work, revealed in the next few days. Thank you for keeping up with our lives on here. I will definitely be more 'regular' about it, as I'll be updating both blogs every Tuesday (my work day once we're in FL). Please pray for a safe drive to Florida next week and for rest until then!


  1. Glad to hear from you! Looking forward to hearing more about Florida and your new lives there. We miss you!

  2. Oh Catherine, reading how you feel leaving Vancouver feels so very familiar. I could have written the same thing myself. Those years in Vancouver are/were magical. The adjustment will be hard, but we'll keep you in our prayers. Can't wait to hear more about your next adventure and what God will do in you and through you in Florida.