Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family & Animal Kingdom!

Over Father's Day weekend we spent a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom with Jonathan's grandparents, aunt & uncle, and his cousins. They then spent 2 nights at our house with us - all 6 of them! It was SO much fun to spend all of that time together - it is a hilarious group of people and we were constantly laughing and having a blast together. I think Animal Kingdom is one of the most fun places I've ever been - can't wait to go back!!
Riding the tram from the parking lot to the entrance
The kids LOVED dinosaur world!
This fun play area kept us busy for a whole hour
Even though it was almost 100 degrees, they were still troopers!
Ready for the Bugs Life 4D movie!
These are some of the cool animals we saw on the safari:
Rhino butt
Flamingos turn the color of the food they eat; cool!
Rocco (8), TJ and River (10) - J's cousins - they loved TJ!
Charlotte and Poppy (her great-grandfather); TJ and Aunt Edye (J's aunt)
These guys are SO much fun and super silly
The fam w/the Yeti roller coaster behind us
Charlotte and Oma (J's grandma) on the dinosaur ride
Mmmm...pick a good one, TJ
Pluto hugs! TJ screamed and ran away crying, thus the solo child pic
We spent the evening at Hollywood Studios - can't wait to go back for a whole day!
The four 2nd-cousins! So cute!

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  1. I can't get over how huge TJ looks! Looks like a really fun day. We want to come visit! I love you, Catherine.