Friday, November 26, 2010

October stuff

Here are some random shots from October...we have been doing more than just farming! :)

We had a family day at the Brevard Zoo, just 15 minutes away. If you look hard, you can see a giraffe off in the distance.
You can get sticks with birdseed on them to feed the birds in the aviary. The kids love this!
There is an area with turtle shell 'backpacks' to pretend what it's like to crawl in the sand with a shell.
Charlotte's favorite part of our zoo is the great water park area! It's just some pools and fountains, but the kids just love it on a hot day!
The kids and me as a sea turtle family
Aaliyah, Ms. Robertson, Charlotte, and Mrs. Cichetti on 'decade day' during homecoming week - it's so fun having Charlotte go to a PK-12 school that has homecoming - the preschoolers get to participate in all of the festivities, too!
Our first family outing on the boat - we were going fast!
Little man loves 'driving'
All of that boating tired this boy out!
Charlotte and some friends at a park after school one day
Okay, I had to put in one pic of veggies - this was our very first harvesting, around 1 month ago. And it's been non-stop since then! Veggie madness!

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  1. cute pix!!! any chance you can email me your snail mail address? thanks, aunt Liz