Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Shepherd in our Fold

Welcome to the family!

Shepherd Cilker Dodd

born July 7, 2011 ~ 12:59pm

7 lbs. 5 oz. ~ 20 inches

'born to be cool'

After 9 months of waiting and guessing, we welcomed a BOY and are so excited! Although he's now 6 weeks old, it feels like he was born yesterday. He's such a joy and a relatively easy baby, as long as those basic needs are met. He is so accommodating, putting me into labor on July 3rd, but not insisting he arrive until after the 4th, Charlotte's bday on the 5th, and my bday on the 6th. What a good child...hope that continues :) He's gaining weight rapidly and can hold his head up pretty well already...smiles are slowly starting and are so cute. Big sister and brother love him to death and would sit by him & sing & tell him stories all day long if they could. We couldn't ask for 3 more wonderful children!


This is the last non-hospital preggo picture of me (by me), taken July 5th at the zoo in a mirror...check out that huge belly!
Last picture of me preggo...ready to get this baby out!

He came out was insane!

First kiss!

We love our #3!

Latched on and goin' to town

Jonathan introducing TJ & Charlotte to Shep...TJ's not too interested

Sleeping angel

Sweet cozy thing!

First (kind of) smile :)

Charlotte's first time holding him...she's trying to shield him from the paparazzi

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  1. Hi Catherine! Miss you guys in Fl! Can you believe I still check your blog! Maybe just maybe I will join facebook one day. :) Tera