Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pure Roadtrip Day: June 5

We drove all day, leaving Tucson, crossing New Mexico, and heading into Texas.  Lunch was at La Posta in La Mesilla –Charlotte had a freakout and threw a basket of chips on the floor before rubbing salt and pepper into her eyes.  Oh yes, it was quite memorable.  We drove through the biggest dust storm I’ve ever seen and we hit rain for the first time on our trip.  The kids were great (aside from the restaurant mishap) and the only complaint we got all day was “Oh no – my foot is not working!”  C’s foot had apparently fallen asleep and she kept asking for medicine to make it better.  We couldn’t stop laughing – it was so funny, and she was so worried!  We made it to Ozona, TX, where we had our best night of sleep to date at the Best Western - who knew a BW would have such awesome beds??

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