Friday, July 17, 2009

Pomona, CA: June 1-2

This road trip wouldn’t have been complete without a visit with Jay, Katty and James Wolf.  We got to SoCal Monday afternoon and, after checking in to our ghetto motel, headed over to the Wolfs’ house at Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center.  Most of our readers know that Katty suffered an AVM rupture in her brain last year and has been on the long road to recovery the past 13 months.  We had no idea how far she has come!!!  She greeted us with a loud ‘Hey guys!’ and, honestly, didn’t stop talking until we left! (Katty, that is a GOOD thing!)  It was unbelievable – we were in shock.  We had no idea we’d be able to hear/understand her at all, and to sit and have conversations with my best friend (something I haven’t done since March of last year) was mind-boggling and such a blessing.  To top it off, that girl can eat now!  We all went to ’21 Choices’ before dinner, an awesome version of Marble Slab/ Cold Stone, and all had delicious concoctions of frozen yumminess.  Charlotte even shared her ice cream with James.  We then got the boys to sleep and had a nice adult dinner (w/C running around) of rice, zucchini and chicken – and Katty ate all of it!  I didn’t know she could eat these things and it was so great to share a meal together.  Tuesday morning I was able to ‘do’ therapy with her, which was quite intense.  She is obviously in a wonderful place with great therapists who push her to her limit.  That, combined with her own unwavering determination to get well and her family’s tremendous support, is pushing her towards a complete recovery.  My only sadness about the time was how short it was.  At least I know that I can now talk to my friend on the phone, regardless of how far apart we live!  What a great visit!

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