Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fun Outdoors

We've had a lot of fun outside lately, enjoying the end of summer!
We tried our first (and last) bubble tea at a place on campus before heading to the park
Charlotte can now slide down the pole all by herself!
Spinning around and around and around...
A shot inside our neighbourhood
I took the kids jogging on the trails behind our house the other day - I was apparently going too slow, for Charlotte kept yelling "go faster, Mommy! Run faster!!!"
Dana and I had all the kids at the playground one day after school. Clay gave TJ his first 'under doggie' on the swing - he loved it!!
Cora, doing the 'Supergirl'
My crawling man on a mission
Clay has taught Charlotte the art of fence climbing - good thing to know. Now she just needs to learn how to climb down...
See ya!

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