Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mayne Island

We spent 2 days/nights on Mayne Island (off the Vancouver coast) this past weekend at the retreat home of a couple from church. We were there with the objective of looking at some property/estate for sale (wondering if we could turn it into some kind of retreat centre), but also managed to fit in some great family time looking for seashells, starfish, picking apples, going for walks, watching spiders catch bugs in their webs, playing at the park, and all sorts of other relaxing things. To top it off, we had a great visit with our friends Micah, Sarah, Charis and Chaia. They used to live in Vancouver but moved to Mayne Island several months ago. Micah is at Regent and Sarah was in my spouses' group for 1 1/2 years. What a nice getaway! (by the way, I left out camera's battery at home and so all these pics were taken with disposable cameras - some are pretty bad, but some look cool!)Enjoying the sunny side on the ferry

TJ enjoying the front lawn of where we stayed

The view from our place

There is an awesome park on the island with a zipline! Charlotte did it all by herself!

The caretakers' house on the property we viewed

The front entrance of the B&B

We picked lots of apples from the gardens

My favorite room of all 12 suites in the place

Heading down the steep steps to the property's beach

The view from the main level of the house

It's hard to see, but Charlotte is holding a starfish Jonathan got for her - she named it 'Grass'

Sunset from the lighthouse

Sarah and Micah prepared a wonderful breakfast for us Saturday morning, replete with homemade bread, homemade jams, homemade granola & homemade yogurt!! (and lots of other goodies, too!)

For some reason, I love a neatly stacked wood pile, so I had to take a pic

Taking a family walk through the small orchard on their property

Charlotte and Charis trying to pick some apples

It was so wonderful to see our friends!!!

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  1. SO SWEET! I am so glad you had fun!!! Love, Katty