Friday, October 9, 2009


This past Monday Jonathan was in a golf tournament at the UBC Golf Course and after finishing his round at around 7pm he went to return his golf cart. Unfortunately, he never made it there, for the sun's glare in the windshield caused him to 'miss' seeing a tree root that has pushed up part of the cart path - he tried to swerve out of the way and also tried to slow down, but stepped on the emergency brake by accident. This caused the cart to swing around and then flip over to the left. Jonathan put his arm out to break his fall, resulting in his arm taking the full weight of both his body and the golf cart. His ulna and radius both broke completely through, resulting in his arm taking on an 'S' shape. He was taken by ambulance (precautionary) to Vancouver General, where I met him after receiving word of the accident from his boss. 2 orthopaedic doctors pulled on his arm from opposite ends in order to straighten it as much as possible for the overnight wait until surgery. Tuesday afternoon J had surgery in which a long plate was attached with screws to each the ulna and the radius, involving 2 incisions. He spent 3 nights in the hospital and then came home on Thursday. The recovery is going well - his hand and elbow are still quite swollen but he is going for longer and longer time between taking his meds, which is great. We are doing all right - this event has caused us to look at our near future with different eyes and has forced everything to slow down (esp. the rate at which I wash dishes!!) We have seen areas in our relationship that were broken a long time ago and never got 'fixed', J has seen broken areas in his life with a new lens, I am more aware than ever of broken areas in my attitude/ this injury has brought out all of this brokenness and we are already seeing God's gracious love as He draws us near to Him and we allow Him to gently mend our hearts and lives. I will write another post tomorrow of God's amazing provision during this time - it would take up too much space here, but I MUST brag on my friends a little!

Of all the times to not have my camera!! Thank goodness for camera phones and obliging ER Trauma nurses :)
The view out of J's hospital window as he awaited surgery
Beautiful trees in front of the hospital!
Maybe this recovery waiting area hosts some incredibly tall people at times
Early morning visit with Daddy the day after surgery (no, that's not a tattoo -it's the Dr's initials to make sure they operated on the correct arm)
The meds had just kicked in - smiles for a little while!
Visit from 'Mr. Matt' - what a great friend he is to JD!
Hmmm...looks a little swollen...
It's so Frankenstein-y! The longer incision has 15 staples and the shorter one has 28...don't know how that really works...they'll come out in 2 weeks
Please pray for quick healing!! Thank you all!


  1. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry you guys. Thats a pretty one. I'll be praying for quick healing and no infection.

  2. Wooaaa! Nice arm. Sorry that happened! We are praying for a FAST healing. Miss you guys lots.

    - Mark Lafler

  3. Father, Your Son's healing touch brings perfect healing. I ask in the Name of Jesus which is all powerful for a perfect mending to take place. In Jesus' Name, AMEN!

    J & C... Much love onya! I intended to ask your dad how ya'll were doing. Ya'll were heavy on my heart last week. Greg and I were discussing that ya'll must be so close to finishing up with seminary. Thank you for sharing! The LORD has a way of putting us in caged rest in order to get us to pause. I am sorry ya'll are caged in by his arm enjury, yet... it sounds like the spirit inside both of you is using it for HIS greater work. For this part, I am humbled by your willingness to grow and learn. Please know that ya'll are dearly loved and valued! Hugs, Tara

  4. My thoughts are with you guys, Catherine!