Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family helps...

This past Thursday my family lost the first of his generation - my grandfather. The youngest of 4, he was the first to leave us, my first grandparent to pass. It still is quite surreal and a strange thing to wrap my mind around, probably because we live so far away and haven't been involved in the happenings of the last few days in California. However, my dad still decided to come up for a visit, which was probably the best thing for all of us. A quick visit, it was full of fun meals, a trip to the aquarium, time on the playground, hot cocoa, movies, and snuggles. I think we all needed it - when you're mourning the loss of someone you loved, family helps.

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  1. Rooms -- I am praying for you and your whole sweet family! I am so glad your Dad came. Hang in there. I love you- K