Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Halloween this year was so much fun! We spent the day doing fun things with great friends. The day started out at the Botanical Gardens, where they have a kids' scavenger hunt to find the 'spooky' plants and the helpers passing out candy. After lunch we hit the Fall Fair at our church, which was lots of fun and had indoor and outdoor activities. To top it off was trick-or-treating which, in a neighbourhood where kids are required for residency, was absolutely crazy!! We heard there were around 400 kids that night...we definitely ran out of candy! Charlotte loved her first trick-or-treating experience and is already talking about her costume for next year!The 3 Musketeers: 2 fairies and a dragon
Clay has become such a huge fan of TJ!
Our families walking through the gardens
Charlotte was terrified of this girl's skeleton hand!
TJ managed to open a box of Nerds, which the kids picked off his lap and shoved in his mouth
Clay admiring the snowberries
Little Farmer Dodd!
The scary spooky tunnel through the gardens
Our friends' daughter, Lilly - such a cutie!
Clay and Justin in the jump house at church
Construction worker Sara and park ranger Jesse took the kids on a nature walk on the trails behind church
My cutie butterfly girl!
One of my dear friends, Polly, who was about 37 weeks pregnant here - like her pumpkin?
2 of Polly's boys - Micah and Caleb - I love these guys!!
'Our 3' right when I opened the door for them. They were so excited!

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