Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The homestead

So here you go - finally, pictures of our new place! Thanks for bearing with me and waiting for ages for this post. After this, I'll catch up on the last 2 months.
Our house and front yard! And riding mower #1...the kids love 'helping' in the trailer...this lasted one cut then we got our money back to get a 'real' machine...
My view to the backyard from the kitchen counter. Our property goes all the way to those huge trees way in the distance.
And this is the 'real' machine...a John Deere! A 90's classic, it still runs great.
We couldn't leave the hammock in a box for long! It's now a daily routine for Charlotte and me to have a swing in it.
Look at that little hiney! This has to happen almost every time he comes inside after playing.
Climbing the fence into the stable yard.
Our dining room, complete with friends Liam and Estella. We love these guys!
The 4 munchkins watching a move while the adults ate dinner
The newest addition to our family - Tiger Willy! This is right when we brought him home. He now loves sleeping under the mower, even though we bought him a cozy bed. We bought him to be an outdoor/barn cat, since there are mice & snakes around. He is already killing roaches, so he's on his way to being a master hunter :)
His first morning at our house right after church. Can you tell he's not starved for attention?
This was typical for the first 48 hours. Now, they could care less about each other.
Charlotte's first time fishing with Daddy in our pond...I snuck up on them to take this.
This lovely crane-type bird is here every morning from around 7-9:00 and we love watching him catch fish while we eat breakfast!
The stable and end of pond. We will be raising our chickens in there and building an enclosure on the attached grass for them to roam. Jonathan built the bench on the left for bonfire nights.
The other end of the pond and our street
Our immediate fenced-in backyard + storage shed. Taxi wants to be in the picture :)
Charlotte on our patio, posing next to the cilantro & basil corner (love how she coordinates her socks with her pj shorts?)
Our porch and some of our tomatoes, peppers & herbs
Where Charlotte and I spend almost every morning while TJ naps and where J and I spend almost every evening after the kids are in bed.


  1. Looks like an awesome place, C! I love picturing you guys there :). Now I am even more excited to come visit.

  2. Yah!!! Pictures...I'm glad I checked in to see if there were any updates! This place is going to be awesome for you guys! Did you say you are going to have chickens? Vanya has chickens in her backyard - if you need any advice!