Friday, May 28, 2010


(I apologize for the weird spacing of this post. Something went wrong and I don't know what). There have been 2 shuttle launches since we moved here...and there are only 2 left in the history of this space program. We watched this first one in early April (at 6:20am) from the beach at our condo. We had drinks & cinnamon rolls while we waited, then played on the beach until sunrise. It is one of my favorite times we've ever had as a family!

The sonic boom left this shimmery spot of gasses

And THIS was the aftermath of that entire launch - the exhaust & gasses paired with the rising sun made it an amazing glowing dragon head!

The kids playing at the waters edge awaiting the sunrise

The last launch was 2 weeks ago at 2:20pm. We parked by the Indian River (along with half the population of this area) to watch the launch. It wasn't as spectacular as the early-morning launch, but it was cool to see!

Take-off from Kennedy Space Center

Sorry it's sideways
5 minutes after takeoff, it was halfway across the Atlantic!!! It's so crazy how fast it flies!


  1. Super jealous!! What fun family memories!

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