Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Girls!

Last month we spent the girls' bdays (Charlotte's 7/5 and Catherine's 7/6) at DisneyWorld. We hit Magic Kingdom on the 5th for Charlotte, then spent a day relaxing at our hotel on the 6th, and then visited Epcot on the 7th. We had a total blast, despite the July heat. I never thought I'd love Disney parks this much as an adult, but I have to admit I can't wait to go back! It was a fantastic way to spend our birthdays and it's now one of our favorite memories as a family.
Just as we entered MK - Charlotte is showing us she's 4 today!
The spinning teacups - first ride of the day
She got to meet 3 princesses! Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)...
...and Belle!
It's a Small World was way better than I remember from DLand
The night of the 6th (my bday) we got a babysitter and went out for dinner, ice cream, and playing at Downtown Disney - we had SO much fun just being 'kids'
Mmm...the San Francisco treat
Charlotte is convinced these next pix are real...
'Mommy and Daddy met Buzz and Mr. Potato Head!!!'
Epcot was great...but we won't take kids next time
Shades from the shop
On Charlotte's bday we surprised her with a trip to the 'Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique', in the castle, where they transform girls into was so much fun to watch!
This was her 'fairy godmother', who was very patient when Charlotte got demanding with the hairpieces
Charlotte wants to move into the castle and live with the princesses. Seriously.
We managed to find a bakery on Main St. with awesome cupcakes...this was her bday cake this year
Cold milk and warm cookies were waiting for us when we got back from MK! Hey, it doesn't hurt telling the front desk your kid's having a birthday :)
Fun time in the pool on my bday
Girl time!
Ready for paddle boating
This lasted around 10 minutes before both kids wanted to go back
Inside the scary shark in Nemo's World at Epcot
We even visited Canada! The 360 degree CircleVision movie made J and me both cry! We miss B.C. so much :( I think it was the aerial shots of the gulf islands/Whistler/Stanley Park that did it.
Charlotte was picked to be a part of a game show about velcro
We had an awesome meal at a moroccan restaurant at Epcot...there was even a belly dancer and live music! The waiter let me wear his hat
He wrote this in arabic for us on our paper table cover - cool!
One for TJ, too :)

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