Friday, August 13, 2010

First day of school!

Charlotte started school on Monday! Yes, it was August 9th, an insanely early day to start school, but boy were we ready. Charlotte is in a class with 11 other children and they have 2 teachers - what a ratio! She was worried that she wouldn't have any friends in her class from last year, but it turns out that her favorite friend, Zehra, is in her class! This made the first day so wonderful for both girls. Charlotte goes Monday-Friday from 8:30-12, which is just wonderful. I get some nice time with TJ and use his morning naptime to get things done with no distractions. TJ is also attending 'Mother's Day Out' on Thursdays from 8:30-12, in the building right next to Charlotte's classroom. He started yesterday and had a blast! We are excited about what this school year holds and can't wait for Charlotte to start reading - the teachers say the children will be reading words by Christmas!
Just before heading in for her first day!
Ms. Robertson, the head teacher. She is so great! We really like her and are thrilled she is Charlotte's teacher!
Mrs. Cicchetti, the assistant teacher. Charlotte REALLY likes her :)

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