Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shmoozing with the Kennedys? - Cape Cod, MA

Although we are in NYC at the moment, we had a last-minute mid-trip detour up to the Cape.  The original purpose of our trip to NYC was to attend the wedding of a dear college friend of mine, AnnBradford.  After we had already purchased our tickets, there was a change of plans - no wedding.  But we're always up for a trip, not to mention using tickets we have, so we still came out here to visit New York and stay with my aunt and cousins.  On our 2nd day here, I heard from AB that she and her mom were traveling up to Cape Cod for the long weekend and we knew we had to see them!  So, Friday morning we were out the door at 6:45 for the walk / subway / train / bus / rental car 7-hour voyage to the Cape.  Neither of us had ever been any farther north than NY, so it was fun to check Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts off of our 'to visit' list.  We had a fantastic lunch at JT's before checking in to Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster.  We hung out at the beach where we met up with AB and Miss Paige, then cleaned up for a marvelous dinner at Scargo, thanks to the Sturgis's.  Jonathan and I then took AB out to a hole-in-the-wall bar that had fun live music, taking AB and me back to our old-south sorority party days.  It was a blast!  Yesterday we drove west through the Cape up to Plymouth, where we got to see the site of Plymouth Rock.  From there it was a straight shot through Providence and back down to Dollar Rent-a-Car at LaGuardia.  We ended our getaway by wolfing down a huge Colombian dinner out in Queens...yes, toting a carseat, stroller, Bjorn, diaper bag, huge backpack, and my purse.  It was a great way to wrap up our whirlwind 2-day escape from the city.  We leave NY tomorrow so I'll be posting about this part of our trip in the next few days!
One thing we noticed was the Dunkin' Donuts EVERYWHERE - what's up with that???
Dumb and Dumber is more alive to me now than ever before

A reproduction of the Mayflower - called 'Mayflower II' - so original

TJ's first toe-ing of Atlantic seaboard sand :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! Have you seen the Nulty's yet? Abigail is gorgeous :)
    I have an interview on Tuesday morning for a FT teaching position at a girls' school, so I'd appreciate some prayer.
    We're having a small spouse's group meeting this week, and we'll miss you!
    love Mareesa

  2. Sounds like a fun trip, Catherine! I look forward to an other update soon. We miss you here!