Saturday, May 2, 2009

We didn't disappear...just went to CA!

After a month-long wait, I finally ventured south to California with the kiddos last week. We were healthy and well and enjoyed every moment with family and friends. The trip was a mixture of emotions for me, as it seemed that so much has changed since I moved away from the Bay Area. I did all I could to surround myself with remaining familiar things - food, parks, certain shops, etc. - and in the end, realized that all I can count on to be familiar to me are people. So, no matter where we ate, shopped or spent our nights, I could be certain that I'd be surrounded by those special people most familiar to me. And that's what truly matters the most.
First stop - Baskin Robbins :)TJ wasn't too keen...

Out to dinner with Mom and Paul!

Visiting Pete the duck at a local florist

Charlotte found a Derby hat!
TJ hanging out with Amber and Schiatzi (sp?) at Magda's house - they didn't know what to do with him!

At our friends' house - Charlotte was in heaven!

Story time with 'Ankle' Paul

Paul taking C for a ride around the backyard - way more fun than mommy doing it :)

C and my dad dancing at the grocery store before we made brunch for my Nana and Pops

At my Nana and Pops' with my dad - 4 generations of Cilkers!

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