Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're off!!

Hi everyone - this is just to let you all know that we are heading off on our 6-week trip all over the place. I will try to update our blog along the way, depending on what kind of wireless signals we can pick up. We drive to Seattle tomorrow to meet up with Jonathan's mom, Ginger - she'll take Charlotte back to our home while Jonathan, TJ and I fly to New York City on Tuesday! We'll be there until next Monday, when we fly back to Seattle to meet up with Charlotte. The next day we head to Oregon to visit my grandparents and then on to San Jose the following day. We'll be in the Bay Area through the 31st for Magda's wedding, then off to LA to see the Wolfs! In San Diego for the 3-4th visiting my aunt, cousins & Torrey Pines golf course :) Then it's off through Tucson, AZ to Boerne, TX, Austin, TX to check out a possible job lead, then to Houson/Galveston where we'll have a mini-family-reunion with Jonathan's family. After a few days there it's up to Colorado for 2 days, and then the long trek north to Alberta. We'll be in Banff for awhile, checking out the ice fields and Lake Louise, and then going to Jasper where we'll cozy up at the Fairmont for 2 days of golf and spa-going - it will be AMAZING! And then we'll be back here in Vancouver by June 28th. WHEW!! Please pray for safety, healty and happy kids in carseats for this almost 6,000 mile trip we're doing in 5 weeks. Hope we can keep you updated :)

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