Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change of Plans

Every once in awhile you just have to go with the flow. As our entourage of 8 (3 adults, 3 toddlers & 2 infants - yes, that's 5 carseats) packed into our 7-seater minivan, we should have just known that our day would turn out differently than we had planned. From the 11:15 departure when we'd planned on 10:00 to the closest aquarium parking spot being a 30 minute walk from the aquarium entrance, things just went UNaccording to plan. We realized quickly that our day would be miserable if we succumbed to the spring break mob descending upon the aquarium and had to turn to Plan B. Only we didn't have a Plan B. As Dana, Megan and I discussed our options, Clay, Cora and Charlotte were in the back yelling, "aquarium! aquarium!" I'm sure if TJ and Hannah could talk, they'd have joined the chorus. After flying through the possibilities for our day we left that nasty parking lot and headed to one of the playgrounds in Stanley Park. Due to our previous plan to spend the day inside at the aquarium, we were ill-equipped for spending a long time outdoors in the cold, so this playtime ended after around 5 minutes. We then drove downtown where we invaded a gelato shop, ate our packed lunches and then (to the relief of the gelato worker) actually got some gelato. The sun finally came out and so we headed back to the bunny place and 'hollow log beach' (see post below). Watching the kids tromp around and explore (with Charlotte wearing my sweater) was so much fun and we enjoyed laughing and talking with each other, as girls do. I am so grateful for these friends whose kiddos love spending time with Charlotte! We'll be heading off on another adventure this Friday, so stay posted...

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