Monday, March 23, 2009

The glorious, er, indoors

Well, we actually managed an indoors, spring-break week, rainy day activity...without heinous crowds! The 8 of us took off on foot from our parking lot, hopped on the bus for the 1/2 hour ride to the SkyTrain and got everyone safely to the train platform. Unfortunately, there was a police incident the next stop down and the train was shut down temporarily (sigh). So out we trudged to find another bus headed downtown. After another 15 minute bus ride and a 20 minute walk in pouring rain, we made it to BC Place (home of the 2010 Opening Ceremonies). Some construction workers snuck us in the back employee entrance - who wouldn't feel sorry for this soaking wet motley crew? - and we were helped to a ticket counter by a very kind employee who wove us in and out of piles and piles of stacked astroturf. After this behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium we emerged into the onslaught of flashing lights, blaring music and screaming kids. It was fun! Charlotte loved every ride and just kept wanting to play! I was proud of her - I had no idea how she'd find these rides that were much faster than those I remember from my childhood amusement park. When next year rolls around, I'm sure you'll be able to find us at the PlayDome again - and maybe on the bigger rides!

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