Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What am I doing?

On days like today, I glance at the time, "2:54 PM", and I wonder "what am I doing?" I'm still in my bathrobe (which I've been wearing since I got out of the shower at 6:30 this morning), we haven't set foot outside (which is fine since it's around 0 degrees), there are dry sheets to put on the bed, wet sheets to put in the dryer, and loads of dishes to be washed by hand. And yet I can't do anything but gaze at TJ, play 'tea party' with Charlotte and just be grateful that I get to stay home and ask myself "What am I doing?" I'll be sure to put on 'real' clothes before Jonathan gets home and the bed will be made. I'm just glad that I realize ' 'tis a sweet life I have.'


  1. Hi K, Love the blog! I'm glad you are savoring your sweet children. And I hope this blog sticks:). D

  2. this is the truth...don't ever let life happening around you squeeze it out! you are going to cherish these early days with your babies one day even more than you do now, i can assure you. your ministry in your home is a very important one and to me, it appears that you have your priorities in the exactly right order! (even if, by chance, those sheets don't make it to the bed by the time he gets home. and i bet he likes you in your bathrobe...just not every day!) : )