Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backyard Friends

Something I love about where we live is that 2 of my closest friends share our backyard!  Megan and her family just moved onto 'our grass' 2 weeks ago so now the 3 kiddos can see each other (and us adults) whenever they want!  We had a family lunch together just before our roadtrip and that's what these pictures are from.  There was an old tire lying on the grass for some reason and the kids were absolutely enthralled with rolling it down the hill at us parental targets.  I am so grateful for friends like these and that our families have grown so close!
Megan, Dana and me
Cora, Charlotte and Clay aiming at their target
Watching as the tire hit one of us at the bottom of the hill

(L-R) Cora, David, Charlotte, Megan Hannah, Justin, Dana, Clay, TJ, me, Jonathan

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