Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Banff, AB: June 21-23

We left Montana early and hit Albertson's for a grocery run before crossing the border.  We loaded up on food for camping and then crossed the international border.  Unfortunately, as the day went on, Jonathan started feeling sick and by the time we got to Banff, he was feeling pretty bad.  We decided to get a hotel for one night and postpone the camping for a day so he could rest up.  The hot springs were beckoning so we headed up there for a few hours which was quite relaxing, but didn't make J feel any better.  We had Father's Day dinner at the Keg in our hotel and took turns in the spa.  Well, the weather turned sour and J got sicker the next day, so we spent ANOTHER night in Banff at the hotel!!  I honestly didn't mind :)  Charlotte and I had a 'girl date' with a bus ride, hot cocoa, shopping, was so much fun! By the morning of the 23rd, J was feeling better but the weather was just getting colder and we decided to completely forego our camping plans for Lake Louise, which was a bummer since we'd been carrying camping gear on our roof for the entire roadtrip!  We also had all of the food we'd bought for least we were able to eat that during our Banff stay so it didn't go to waste!

We were questioned for 10 minutes before they'd let us through! Do we look suspicious?
Didn't know Dutch Elm Disease was so rampant in Alberta
Don't bring in your knapweed...just bring us the good stuff!

There's a T-Rex at their visitor center - what does that mean?
The Olympic ski jumping park in Alberta

We spent our first afternoon at the hot springs - we all loved it!

Since J was sick, Charlotte and I spent a few hours on a 'date' in town - C waiting for the bus cocoa
We went to this awesome toy store where we got Charlotte her cute pink butterfly crocs!

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