Sunday, August 16, 2009

Charlotte's Birthday Party

We had Charlotte's Dora the Explorer birthday party on July 12th with most of her best buds.  Deciding to make it as simple as possible, it was just 2 hours long with only watermelon, pink lemonade and cake - easy!  We had a bouncy castle, which was a total hit with these wiggly kiddos!  I also did some face-painting, which turned some boys into cats and girls into butterflies...I managed to do an unfortunate pink sheep on Charlotte's cheek and a strange blue dolphin on Clay -oh well, at least there were no mirrors!  Charlotte had a blast with her friends and is already planning her party for next year!

Kiss for the birthday girl from Clay!

Cora with her butterfly face
TJ sat still long enough to get his initials on his cheek!

I think they were having fun :)

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