Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our church hosted VBS this past week and we had over 90 kids attend, which is pretty good for a church of just 250 people.  Over 50% of them were not affiliated with our church, which was very exciting, and over 70 kids live right here on campus!  We are praying that they will continue to come to UC even now that VBS is over.  Our theme was Veggie Tales' "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" - Calling All Heroes!!  We looked at how God used ordinary people to do big things in the Bible.  I was very involved in the week, playing Bumpo the pirate in our daily skits as well as leading preschool songs & games for 45 kiddos.  It was exhausting but, at the same time, so much fun.  Charlotte had a blast and is so sad it's over - the only part she didn't like was my skit on Day 1 when another pirate put a bucket on my head - she freaked out and ran up on the stage sobbing 'Mommy!  Mommy!'  Good to know she's got my back :)  I was 'interviewed' at the end of the week and asked the question, 'what did you learn this week?'  At first I thought, 'it's the kids who were supposed to be learning, not me!'  But then it hit me - I learned that the simplest truths of God's word are just as applicable to me as an adult as they were to me as a child, and that I need to let them indwell every part of my life.  Looking at God's Word through a child's eyes opens you up to new things all the time, and I'm glad I was reminded of that last week.
My friend, Karen, helped me lead preschool songs & games time - I was Captain Connie and we had a blast!  I learned a lot about improv during those times...
Building 'Nebuchadnezzar's statue' in Bible time - Charlotte and Clay were in the same group, which was a lot of fun!
Dana (left) and our friend Rachael (with the baby hanging on her) were in charge of the preschool 'free play' and craft area - thanks, girls, for making Charlotte's VBS experience awesome!
My friend Marnie was in charge of preschool Bible story time - here she is Gideon, about to have her troops defeat the Midianites
Yes, that's me in the middle as Bumpo the pirate...part of what I did all week...skits 2x/day, every day - to my left is Bones the pirate and to my right, the Commodore
We had the audience mesmerized :)
It was so much fun doing this with Dana :)

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