Sunday, August 2, 2009

Texas to Pueblo, CO: June 16-18

Leaving Galveston meant heading up on the 3rd leg of our journey and we suddenly felt like we were headed 'home'.  We spent a whole day driving across Texas and stayed in a very small town...I can't even remember the name of it.  The next morning we were on the road at 6:30am and were an hour gone when we realized we'd left our soft, fluffy, amazing pillows at the hotel.  Amazingly, they found our pillows and shipped them home for us, which was wonderful, except that meant we'd actually have to sleep on hotel/borrowed pillows the rest of our trip.  Charlotte, lucky girl, still had hers - it's hard to miss the Minnie Mouse pillow case :)  That day we crossed back into New Mexico then into Colorado where we got to drive through Trinidad, where Jonathan went to junior college.  We then headed to Pueblo, where the Dodds moved when Jonathan was in high school to start a church.  Jonathan took us to their old homes, school, church, workplace, etc. and it was a fun trip down memory lane for him.  We spent the night with Chris, Molly and Colter Borgstat which was fun.  The guys golfed together while the kids splashed in the kiddie pool and played.  We dined at J's old restaurant, Rosario's, and enjoyed a delicious meal together.  I'm glad I've now seen the setting for that part of J's past - lots of memories there.

J's high school
The church J's dad started...still going strong!
Dodd's 1st CO home (it was a different color back then!)
Dodd's 2nd CO home
Dodd's 3rd CO home
The restaurant J managed

J with Chris, Molly and Colter

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