Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hanging Out

Here's a huge posting of pix from the last 2 months - just 'hanging out'

Our friends Amin and Ismael (and their sweet parents Ali and Hind) moved back to Paris last week - Charlotte wanted to go with them!
Charlotte loves picking blueberries off of our bushes
Teaching TJ how to swing
Charlotte is learning how to do puzzles - apparently it takes patience...we're learning
Yes, that's 5 raccoons on our patio 
At the beach with Matt and Ramie for a picnic and fireworks!

Hot day in the pool with Jaeden
Learning how to relax
Sprinkler fun with Cora and Clay

Learning how to ride his 'car'
Kisses from Amin
Body painting on me - fun for them, messy for me
Fun with Amin and Jaeden
All done!

First bath together - Charlotte loves it, TJ's not so sure
The 3 Musketeers

Snuggle time!
Trying to escape the pool enclosure during our pool outing with the Jenkins

Apparently, Hannah's not shy
We need a chaperone and they're not even 1 yet???
Cora and Charlotte tea party-ing
Charlotte and Jaeden - next door buddies!

TJ loves his Jolly Jumper - look at that maniacal face!

Charlotte and Clay after a day at the pool/beach - how much longer can they do this?
Beach day with Clay and Dana

Abigail and TJ meeting for the first time - Jonathan and Travis as chaperones

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